Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Parents

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Lucky Peak 2012

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Cleaning Fish

This is the trip where Ilai learns how to clean his own fish. He (and his daddy, who taught him, and his Grampa, who guided him) couldn't be more proud.

That's him cutting off the head. Mom's proud of that part. The trout was delicious, and provided lunch and dinner when they got home.

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Convict Lake 2011

So there seems to be a new tradition being born. Dave has always taken Austen (love the hair, by the way!) to Convict Lake each Father's Day since Austen was little. I think he was 3 the first time he went. (Mom, correct me if I'm wrong.)
So my sweet husband, who thinks the world of Dave, generously imposed on this weekend trip by inviting himself and all the dads and their boys to accompany him (last summer when we were all at BBD.) And Dave, who has a huge heart of gold, and who is an honorary Tongan himself, (let me tell you a couple of stories about that one day) obliged happily (I'm pretty sure that's how the story goes - all I know is Fo'ou couldn't stop talking about it all year).

So it happened! And the womenfolk stayed home and got pedicures or something of the sort - and this woman was MORE than happy about the whole situation. My son was ecstatic, husband in heaven, and I got to rearrange the furniture in the house to my liking, with no questioning. (I can't speak for all women on the happiness of being excluded, as Aunt Janet has some serious camping genes.)

When the van came home and we all unloaded the dusty paraphanalia, I wondered why Ilai's suitcase of clothes was still full, with the clothes still folded neatly. When I inquired about the bag I so painstakingly packed with him (one outfit for each day, with extra socks and underwear, two jackets and swim trunks) his reply was "We only wore two shirts and two shorts the whole trip." and then he added, "And nobody wore deoderant and I think I brushed my teeth only once the whole trip." (They left on Wednesday and returned Monday.)

Now I'm not sure if Mario was included in the deoderant/teethbrushing group (and please don't tell me if you were, although I would not lose any respect for you, and I have tons of it) because you never know who will read this, and he is a very respectable person. All I know is that my two boys had a blast, and can't wait till the next one. So Dave and Austen, thank you for including everyone in your special trip.
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Camping Buddies

As the two youngest boys of the First biannual (Fo'ou hopes) Father/Son/Dude Camping trip at Convict, Ilai and Beck hit it off great.
As Jody said, "Beck can make the bananas in the shopping cart have wars with eachother. He will be fine camping."

Beck: "Let's play Power Rangers. You be the boss, Ilai."
Ilai: (Trying hard to be "The Boss.)
Beck: "You suck at being the boss. Let me be the boss."
Ilai: (Thank you!)

Ilai would wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, and then hear, "Ilai, wanna play Power Rangers?" to which Ilai would reply, "I don't know . . . " and then Beck says, "Let's stick with 'Yes'." (And Ilai can immitate his sweet voice so well!)
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My Niece

Please don't judge. She just got out of the tub/pool and her diaper swelled!

Do you know how much food this girl can put away? It was so entertaining for us to watch such a little one eat, and eat, and eat. If you ever have bananas in your house and need to make Eleni happy, show her them. But then don't try to cut it in half and offer her just half of it, because she will think you are crazy and start yelling at you in 2-year-old, pointing at the other half of the banana, and she won't stop until it is in her hands. Even if everyone is cracking up at the situation.

So this is when she was timid. Later that night, she was "ooohhhing and awwwing" at the loud fireworks. I'm so glad her mommy got to enjoy it because usually Aunt Kelley was the one consoling my two-year-olds at the loudness and scarieness of the night.

Yay Eleni! (Tyler, this is for you since you had to go home and take care of your fence-destroying dogs, bless their hearts.)
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Red White and Blue

Thank goodness we've been on some red sports teams lately cause we'd be struggling to find appropriate attire for the 4th of July.

Anela insisted I take her totally cute hair-do down so she could appropriately dance to Justin Bieber songs on YouTube while we were awaiting company. She wouldn't even let the said company see her cute hair. I tried to tell her she could swing her ponytail around, but she didn't want to risk hurting her neck.

And speaking of ponytails, Uncle Mitchell told Ilai that he always had long hair at Ilai's age too. So I guess this battle is over. He wins. (But since I have a lot of respect for Mitchell - the long hair is growing on me. Ha ha. I get it.)
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