Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Okee Dokee, here I go with my first Blog. I feel so techy. Here was our Halloween of 2006. Anela's 1st! Ilai decided to branch out and be something other than Peter Pan, since that is what he was the last two years, as well as Eden, who decided a witch would be fun this year. She was also done with TinkerBell. She chickened out on the black lipstick a couple of times, but I told her it looked pretty. I hope she doesn't turn all gothic on me in high school because of this traumatic experience. Ilai was disappointed the first time he took off his Batman costume because his muscles "disappeared". He felt pretty whimpy after taking off his costume-how Clark Kent must feel at times. Anela was a witch for our ward Halloween party. I was a Geisha, but since it was a Ward Halloween party, I didn't tell anybody that. I just went along with whatever they said I was - Mulan, a Japanese Girl, etc. I have decided this Blog will help me keep my family history much more efficiently than I have been in my journal. Lazy fingers, I guess.