Sunday, April 29, 2007

Just Another Day at the "Duck Park"

After seeing my sister Jody, 9 months pregnant, sprinting to the dirty, murky, slimy-green water to recover her 3-year-old, I couldn't help but run for the camera instead of a towel first!
And then, my 9-month pregnant trooper-of-a-mom sister, had to find a large tree faaaaaarrr away since there were no bathrooms. She never complained once! What could possibly be going through her head right . . . . . . . now.
Anela has a super patient uncle who watched her every move so as to make sure she was super safe.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


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Holly's baby may be walking at 6 months old, but she's got some competition here because this morning Anela found Daddy's t-shirt and put it on - all by herself I may add. (Incase the picture didn't give it away.)

Good Toe Day

Do you ever feel like you're having a "good toe day"? Sometimes I look down at my toes and wonder how I got to be so unfortunate. Other days, like this day -and I know they are not quite as cute as Kristi Winn's toes- she is the luckiest girl when it comes to that feature - but it's a day when I had to wear sandals, even though it was so cold that even Joe's Italian Ice was not appropriate (another post) but when Eden asked why I got to wear sandals it was because I had cute toes! My friend Wendy Smith and Co. got me a gift certificate for my birthday - 2 years ago - for a pedicure. But not just any pedicure. No. The place that does airbrushing. So now I casually glance at my feet every 15 steps or so just to see my cute toes! I am bragging here because this is SO usually not the case. But as my good friend Holly posted back on her baby Gwen's linty toes: "Cute or gross?" You be the judge. But only if you chose the former.
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