Friday, June 15, 2007

One of the (many!) reasons we love visiting the temple . . . look what is so close by! (Holly, I'm waiting for your Sprinkles post, or permission to be granted to show the picture I have of your cute family waiting to eat them.)
Ok, since I'm at the temple, I'll tell the truth. I really just thought it was a good hair day and had to document it in front of the world.
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Holly! Thank you for the book recommendation! She went down by herself and slept through the night!!!!!!
If you have a 16-month-old and need your sanity back, go to Holly's site and check out the sleeping book on her side bar. Love you girl!
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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Every Sunday my kiddos ask, "Are we going to Gramma and Grampa's after church today? Three out of four times the answer is, "Not this Sunday. Disappointed groans. Can you see why? look at all of the adventures you can have!
They babysit bearded dragons!
There are multiple lizards in their (someone once told me this means you have a very healthy) backyard!
You can pick blackberries for hours, wash them off, and pass them out to all the guests!
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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Memorial Day Campout

The absolute BEST way to camp, in my opinion, is somewhere close to a bathroom, close to a shower, close to food sources, close to a telephone, close to running water . . . almost like camping at home. Oh wait. We were at home. Memorial Weekend Backyard Campout!

The (almost) Final Product

Before: I was almost getting used to the black cement-with-glue stains floor. During: Laying the last 4 tiles . . . I felt like a prophet (in a most reverent way) since Fo'ou let me lay the very last tile.
After: Great job Fo'ou! (And Uncle Scott!) And to think it all started by my bringing in a butter knife to peel of old linoleum. (Good call, me!)

Funny Picture

Hey all - look at this rare moment caught on film (digital space?). Also, check out Anela's reaction. And HEY! How'd that picture of my new haircut get on there?

Water Monitor

My attempt . . .Fo'ou's attempt:

Ilai's final touches:
Final project: (He thought it would be funny to make this face. I think he was right.)

Here's me: Hi Ilai! How was your day at school, what'd you learn about?

Here's Ilai: We're learning about animals. Mom, what's a "Water Monitor"?

Me: Oh, the water monitor is the person who makes sure all of the class pets have enough water.

Ilai: Uh, no Mom. What animal is it?

Me: (confused) Honey, perhaps you weren't listening carefully in class. Since you were talking about animals and pets, I'm sure the water monitor is the person responsible for the animals' water.
Ilai: (weird look) No mom.

Me: Let's go look it up on the internet so I can show you there is no such animal as a "Water Monitor".

Me: (After 46 websites pop up containing pictures of large, alligator-sized lizards) "Oh."