Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome to the Snow . . .

After being here for over a year, I'm really beginning to believe the "acclamation" thing people told me would happen. (and I checked spell-check for that word)
Today it was 25 degrees and we were outside. No problem.

But they forgot to tell us about this part . . .

So we went inside and made "trifle" to fulfill Fo'ou's craving for food from home . . . to bring some warmth to our holidays.
And Jody, if I used your trifle bowl, it would have looked even prettier.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rebar Latest

Here is the latest in rebar fabrication. Feel free to order a set for next year. It'll only cost you $873.00 in shipping! My husband. Gotta love it.
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There goes the "good mom" thing

"Mom, take a picture of me drinking my hot chocolate. I'll wave like this."

"Yeah, Mom, and I'll pretend I don't know you're taking a picture."
"mom, i'll just cut up Eden's picture she was so proud of while you take pictures."
Are my kids destined for Hollywood, or what???
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Seeing is Believing

My Uncle Dale used to tell this joke - something like . . ."What is green and goes in kids mouths?" (Mom, help me out here) anyway, the punchline is "Kids don't eat brocolli" I know, I just killed it. Anyway, I felt like a good mom this week. Uncle Mario, this is for you. (He hated the fact that I made brocolli for a Sunday dinner long ago.)

And along with seeing things not believed in, here is "Prancer". She came to visit my Kindergarten class this week. Rudolph sent his love.
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This was the best turkey EVER and I'm not just saying that because it was the first one I ever made. Incase I forget for next year, it is the Oprah recipe from her nice chef lady on TV and it's on my DVR so incase I forget for next year, that's how I made it. But that means I have to have DISH network for another year, which is no good. Direct TV is the way to go. Oh, and I won't bother with the stuffing. NObody ate it. Not even me. I just made it out of obligation. Oh, and Katrina's pumpkin dessert was a hit. Oh, and make the jello pretzel salad, and don't forget the corn in the freezer. The olives only got put on fingers - not in mouths, so I guess that counts. One more thing - the chocolate satin pie from Marie Calendars has to be from the restaurant, not the box. Ok. Now If I can just remember to read this next year, I'll be good.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grandma's Visit

I haven't seen my kids act that way in months. The way they act when Grandma is around. Suddenly they share what they are up to, what they like, randomly start talking about school, and I learn so much about my own kids after they've been talking to Grandma. There's something about her that they feel comfortable enough to act this way . . . and I do too. I think it's because when you tell her something new, or new to her, she acts like it's the most important thing she's heard in about 4 months. She asks for details, and relates it to something else, and shows clear understanding of what you mean. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what it is about her . . . you just feel important.

Here is the hat Eden "loomed" with Gramma. Ilai made one too. He was really into it, actually. He gave it to one of Hannah's dolls though, as it was too small for him to wear. Now he sports a Green Bay hat with a "G" on it - G for Grandma, the one who bought it for him, and autographed it before she left (by request).
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Dedicated to Ellen

Can you guess who these eyes belong to? I'll give you a hint . . . they're not mine, but Anela thinks they are.

The rest of these were taken for a project Aunt Janet is doing for Papa for Christmas. (I hope he isn't reading this blog!!)
Ellen asked for updates, as she was tired of seeing Halloween pictures 5 days shy of Thanksgiving. Some people are so impatient. Love you Bellendy!
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Uncle Tyler and Aunt Kelley

The title of "coolest uncle and aunt" currently go to: TYLER AND KELLEY!!

And the title of "Best Dog" currently belongs to Daisy. (Don't take it personally Shadow or Lady.)
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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Halloween Post

She's GREEN!!!!!!!

It turns out Ilai and the third-grade boys devised a plan to all dress as football players at school. Then, I caught them playing tackle football at recess . . . their one chance!!

The best part of the night - sorting the loot!

What's black and white and "read" all over? Aunt Kelley! Eden was thoroughly embarrassed that her aunt would wear the homemade wig in Costco! But after all of the wonderful compliments, she quickly became her hero.

The lady just GAVE me some "cannee"!?

Fo'ou must have had a spare moment or two at work, constructing his new rebar creation for us . . . It's Rebar Man . . . look for him every year.

Everyone else was way too slow.