Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Truly Wicked Ending

Disclaimer: This is for journaling purposes only. Not meant for entertainment. Kind of Boring.

If you go to my sister's blog, you will see how much fun I had last weekend. I cannot even begin to describe the show to you, so I won't. Here's what else we did. Keep in mind I have only been gone for 5 months from Southern California. Straight to In-N-Out for lunch. We got to my mom's house and watched Anela go straight to the swimming pool and try to get in. Then she played fetch with Shadow. Grandpa got home and Anela ran up to him "Papa!" and gave him a big hug. After 5 months for an almost-two-year-old, that impressed us all. Friday night we went to my dad's house and played "Imaginiff" with Eric, Leanna, Tyler, Kelley, Ellen, Tracy, Vicky, and my dad. That was a lot of fun. We stayed at Jody's and the next morning we got some important things done. We went for a walk in my old 'hood and said hello to a few neighbors. It was kind of sad for me. I lived in a great place with some great neighbors. Then since Scott had a stomach bug, Jody couldn't go with Tracy and me, so we went to get our eyebrows "threaded" which Tracy said she had to use Labor breathing for. But dang do our eyebrows look good. We went to Sprinkles for a couple of "Black and Whites". (Ok, more than a couple.) I was given an assignment to go to an Asian store (what shep you lie?) to get (sque, rou, obal?) fish sauce and rice flour for a recipe we can not make in Boise. So anyhoo, we came home, dolled up for the show, then read Jody's Blog for the details. The next day, Sunday, I went to my former ward and had the very best time talking with some of my good friends. It was so so great to see them again. Three of them are expecting (they're pregnant, incase Jay is reading this) which is fantastic news for all of them. So we end up back at Jody's with everyone and I stayed outside in the sunshine as much as possible because it felt so so so so nice. Anela ran barefoot outside- something she has not done in months. She was outside the whole time riding Kendall's bike. Finally we said our goodbyes and we were off to the airport. A tearful goodbye to the Kossubs took us to the other side of the security gate. We are about to enter Hell for one night. Boarding our plane to Boise (a rare non-stop mind you) we got settled and couldn't wait to see our kiddos and hubbys at home. An announcement: "There is heavy fog in Boise, we may have to divert to Salt Lake." Sure enough, we head off to Salt Lake and I start thinking of my former housemate and blogging friend Brooke, whom I know lives in Salt Lake and who's home I'd love to see since she has fantastic style and taste, but didn't think she'd want to take us back to the airport at 4:45 AM, which was what time they told us to be there. (We arrived at 11:30 PM.) Tracy and I slept - well, sat in the airport all night long with Anela who slept some of the time in Tracy's arms. Tracy walked all over the airport with her while I slept for about an hour on the floor. Tracy was so selfless with her sleep. We boarded around 5:45 and did not take off until 10:30 am! That is 5 freaking hours on the airplane not moving! Short story: de-ice, clogged nozzle, ran out of fuel, de-ice runway, de-ice plane, wait in line to take off. We landed at 11:15 and ran off to Eden's birthday party at Pump-it-up. Best weekend of my life. So far.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

10 Cousins Together

This was the week 10 cousins got together in Boise. We sure missed Ethan and Julia. We really had fun though - all 16 of us in the Schultz home.
Anela tried so hard to put "Baby Beck shoe" on. "I'll make it fit!"
The three brothers (of other mothers) holding up their not-so-healthy habits. Not judging.
The three sisters (same mother) who made it all possible. We'll miss you Roberts!!!
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