Monday, March 24, 2008

Yep. We got the hats.

Eden was so excited to have matching dresses, just as "Morgan and Kendall always do!"

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The Photo Session

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Anela has had a rash lately, so we've had to put cream on her . . . we found her putting the same cream on Eden's baby the other day. She just got it by herself.
Then, I found her "flat-ironing" her hair . . . with a stapler. You can tell what our favorite morning procedure is.
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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Here's the latest!

Thanks for the glasses Aunt Jody!
President's Birthday Monday brought us to the park - great to be outside and feel the sun.
Sidewalk Chalk! It's been awhile . . .
The best out of 27 shots.
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The newest Two-Year-Old

Happy Birthday Nenna!
Anela turned two on February 3rd. She is the only February birthday other than Grandpa (Bapa), and he was so kind to share. We were hoping for the birthdate of 2/4/6, but ended up with 2/3/6 and rationalize that it is just as clever, because 2 times 3 is 6.
Now that it has stopped snowing, and we can see the sidewalks again, our favorite thing to do is ride bikes! She feels very much a part of the big kids now that she has her own bike.
I tried and tried to get her to stay still for a moment to take a picture of her before church but this is the best I could come up with. I had forgotten how much fun a two-year-old is. I think that listening to the vocabulary expand exponentially is the best part of it all. Living with the Schultz's has had a huge impact on that for sure. "Bathis!" (Watch this!) "Wok!" (Let's go for a walk - regardless of the temperature outside.) She has names for everyone also. Let's see if I can get them to translate in type. Starting from oldest to youngest: Uncle Chip: "Boop!" Aunt Tracy: "Doo" (the only one who has stayed "Doo" as everyone not in her immediate family was once "Doo", Taylor: "Caacaa!" Aubrey: "Aubeee!" Hannah: "Annah!" Jackson: "Caacaa!" (Same as Taylor) Ilai: "Eegahdeegah" (You are probably pronouncing it right - it is pretty unbelievable to hear, I don't know how she does it herself!) and Eden is "Eeyah". Mom and Dad are pretty clear "Mommy and Dad". As soon as Fo'ou comes home from work, she is waiting outside and starts dancing to the loud Reggae blasting from his truck. Then they go for a short ride together around the neighborhood. Life is good with a two-year-old. She is so happy to see everyone when they come home. We all feel very loved. Even Uncle Chip changed her diaper the other day (wet only of course) but still! She has reminded the Schultz's what it is like to have a 2-year-old and it has been so much fun watching all of them interact with her. As I am getting choked up right now thinking about her and how she has effected our lives, I am so grateful for the patience she has taught her older brother, who is very coddling with her now, and the love Eden has for her is not something that can be described. I love you Nella. Oh! That's right! Anela: "Nenna" - which we sometimes call her too.
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