Sunday, May 25, 2008

"The Best Day of My Life"

If you look closely at Ilai's eyebrow, you may be able to count 8 stitches. He collided with a first grade girl on the playground. And bled. Forever. And then ran himself to the nurse with the help of a buddy. And then Aubrey, his 5th-grade cousin, and her 3 friends, checked in on him from the window, cooing and loving him nurturingly as 5th-grade girls do to 2nd-grade boys. And then I got the call at school . . . "Ilai has had an accident here at school and his left eyebrow needs some attention." Me: "What kind of attention??!!" Nurse: "Stitches . . ." Me: "Ok. Stitches." Since we were with only one car that day, Fo'ou went to pick up Ilai from school, then came to get me, then we went to the doctor. Ilai was in great spirits the whole time, until they had to numb him up with a huge needle. He yelled and cried, but laid very still while squeezing Mom and Dad's hands. Then we watched him be laced up! And finally, we took him to Fudruckers for the best buffalo burger ever. The next day after school, he told his aunt Tracy, "Today was the best day of my life." He said that every single person asked him about his eye, which makes for the best day ever.
Then, we stuck to our Memorial Day Weekend tradition of camping in the backyard. Sleeping in tents each night, playing volleyball all day, and using real showers and toilets is Mom's idea of the best camping trip ever.
Anela found the best part of a S'more.
I think Eden perfected the art of toasting a marshmallow. And I think she ate 17.
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Since we've been here in Idaho, we've yet to visit McCall, or Cascade, or the other little towns we've been told about. So we decided to just go one Sunday! We stopped and ate lunch at Cascade Lake.

Anela loved the water, and luckily she had old enough cousins to watch after her so her mommy didn't have to.

Ilai found a dead fish that washed ashore. And scared his mom with it.

This was a "drinking hole" that just came out of the side of the mountain. It was the absolute best tasting water ever.
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Spring Evening

Anela has cousins who like to dress her up . . .

And a sister who likes to follow . . .

And a brother and his cousin who are buds.
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Friday, May 02, 2008

The Boys Lately . . .

Fo'ou is helping with the coaching of Ilai's team . . . what a pitcher!
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Anela Lately . . .

I guess these all speak for themselves.
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Eden Lately

She doesn't mind being the only girl on her team . . .

A party favor from a recent birthday party she attended . . .
Trying on Mommy's glasses . . .

This is typical of Eden - taking on 3 boys in basketball (Ilai's friend was over).
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What the . . .?!!!
Eden's coach is her uncle. A very very good coach. We've been lucky.
Jody and Scott, this one is for you.
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This is what we've been up to . . .

This is Fo'ou's new toy. We've all enjoyed a few swinging pointers from him.

And Chip enjoyed a few swinging pointers from Tracy.
Baseball season has begun . . . yay!!!
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