Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is a new experience for us - football.

We're glad the big kid is on our team. Yes, he is the same age as Ilai.

Dad taught him a few moves.

I love this side of him. He is really having fun, replaying each moment for us when he gets home, telling us what he was thinking during each play, telling us what he "really said" during his plays ("I've got ya now!") He celebrated an interception today. I think I'll learn the rules and position names more. I may end up knowing as much as my mother does about football one day.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

First Day

First day of First Grade for Eden. Excited to use their backpacks from the Hawaiian swapmeet . . .
Ilai chose one new outfit. Boise State. Dad wasn't shopping with us.
Here we are. Off to our new school. Together. We'll all be at the same school this year. Anela will be at "Doo's" house which I couldn't be happier about. Please notice my right ankle. It looks skinny. The dress only comes around once a year. On the first day. (It SCREAMS Kindergarten teacher, doesn't it?)
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Our Couch Smells Good

Look at this face.

We walked out of the bedroom thinking, "Something smells good!"
"Anela! What did you do?!" " zshozshion." Our couch is very moisturized.
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