Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome to the Snow . . .

After being here for over a year, I'm really beginning to believe the "acclamation" thing people told me would happen. (and I checked spell-check for that word)
Today it was 25 degrees and we were outside. No problem.

But they forgot to tell us about this part . . .

So we went inside and made "trifle" to fulfill Fo'ou's craving for food from home . . . to bring some warmth to our holidays.
And Jody, if I used your trifle bowl, it would have looked even prettier.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rebar Latest

Here is the latest in rebar fabrication. Feel free to order a set for next year. It'll only cost you $873.00 in shipping! My husband. Gotta love it.
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There goes the "good mom" thing

"Mom, take a picture of me drinking my hot chocolate. I'll wave like this."

"Yeah, Mom, and I'll pretend I don't know you're taking a picture."
"mom, i'll just cut up Eden's picture she was so proud of while you take pictures."
Are my kids destined for Hollywood, or what???
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Seeing is Believing

My Uncle Dale used to tell this joke - something like . . ."What is green and goes in kids mouths?" (Mom, help me out here) anyway, the punchline is "Kids don't eat brocolli" I know, I just killed it. Anyway, I felt like a good mom this week. Uncle Mario, this is for you. (He hated the fact that I made brocolli for a Sunday dinner long ago.)

And along with seeing things not believed in, here is "Prancer". She came to visit my Kindergarten class this week. Rudolph sent his love.
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This was the best turkey EVER and I'm not just saying that because it was the first one I ever made. Incase I forget for next year, it is the Oprah recipe from her nice chef lady on TV and it's on my DVR so incase I forget for next year, that's how I made it. But that means I have to have DISH network for another year, which is no good. Direct TV is the way to go. Oh, and I won't bother with the stuffing. NObody ate it. Not even me. I just made it out of obligation. Oh, and Katrina's pumpkin dessert was a hit. Oh, and make the jello pretzel salad, and don't forget the corn in the freezer. The olives only got put on fingers - not in mouths, so I guess that counts. One more thing - the chocolate satin pie from Marie Calendars has to be from the restaurant, not the box. Ok. Now If I can just remember to read this next year, I'll be good.

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