Saturday, February 07, 2009

What We've Been Up To

Eden is enjoying playing basketball for the YMCA. She's pretty good too. I know I'm biased though.

Ilai is now a wolf . . .
because he went out in the hallway and wrestled with one, bringing back the leg! So brave!
This is him earning his Bobcat award, where I got to pin it upside down on him. Just makes me want to cry! It's the simple things in life . . .
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The Accident


Ok. So here's how it happened:

We were moving into our new house on Saturday. (Oh - did I mention we got a new house? We did! More on that later.) The moving truck is there, boxes are everywhere, Cable guy is there, etc. All of a sudden, there is screaming. And blood. We run outside and see that Ilai found the Pogo stick he hasn't seen since California, and was eagerly trying to break his Uncle Austen's record, which is highly impossible. Poor Eden comes running in . . . "Ilai's bleeding!" Sure enough. Blood. All over our new gargae floor. Not that that was important. Just a fact. And worse (in my opinion) half of his left permanent tooth was gone. Oh. And there was a hole in his bottom lip where his tooth must have gone through.

Left the cable guys there to finish the job. (Priorities, right?) We went to the same place he went to last year for his eyebrow stitches. Ilai is crying the whole way there. He keeps asking, "Do I have to get stitches?" He remembers the numbing shot from last year, and is so afraid.

We pull in and the doctor takes one look at it and says, "We'll be sewing that up!" Tears again. Once the nurse came in and told him Dr. Hooft didn't like hysterics, he calmed down pretty well. He used Fo'ou's hand and fingers to squeeze during the whole thing. Poor Eden had to cover her ears and hum a tune to block out the crying, so she waited in the waiting room.

Ilai laid perfectly still and quiet the whole time. The doctor said early on, "Let me know if it hurts." Ilai was very obedient in this matter. Finally when it was all done, I heard Fo'ou and the doctors talking, and thought they had said "13 stitches". I never asked for some reason.

The whole way to the ER and the whole way home, Ilai insisted in tears that he would not go to school on Monday with his tooth looking like that. Nevermind the huge bandage on his chin and hole in his bottom lip. He was concerned about his tooth. I tried to tell him the story of Gramma opening the cheese packet and breaking her tooth. And that my tooth was also fake. He just couldn't understand how it could possibly look the same as before.

I called my friend Katie, whose husband is a dentist, and told her of my dilemma. Apparently word travels fast, because when she answered her phone, she asked, "How's your son?!"

Her wonderful husband told us he could fix it that night, and to try and find the part of the tooth that broke off so he could examine it (and to put it in a cup of milk - interesting, huh?) No luck. We looked all over the garage, and no tooth piece.

On our way to the dentist, Ilai was exhausted. Crying over every thing that there could be to cry about. He was so tired. Dr. Wells was so patient with him, giving him every amenity available, including nitris oxide, which was so funny to hear Ilai talk about afterward - "That just felt so good!" The new tooth looks beautiful. Dr. Wells did an outstanding job. His assistant Lindy was not bad herself - even for a first-grader!

So the week passed with no major problems. He was running around the very next day. Today I took off to take him to get his stitches out. Again, he did a wonderful job sitting very still. He was quick to let the doctor know that there was a slight bit of pain, just incase the doctor didn't realize it.

I soon found out that there were not 13 stitches after all. THERE WERE 23!! The poor boy didn't even get the credit he deserved all week long!! 23!! I didn't know they do "inside layers" and "outside layers" which indicates it was a pretty bad split!

As the doctor's assistant was cleaning him up, wiping off the old crusty gunk from his chin and lip, he stopped with the tweezers close to his bottom lip. Looked at me to see if I saw what he saw, and said he'd be right back to get the doctor.


We got to keep it as a souvenir.