Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pinewood Derby . . . Champ!

Ok. So a couple of months ago, we got an invitation from our new ward for their pinewood derby, which was perfect timing, because we would have missed the derby from our other ward because of moving.
Fo'ou: Call Dave and have him send Austen's car!
Me: No
Him: (Nothing)
A few weeks later, it is getting closer and closer to the event, and Fo'ou says again:
Him: "Ahh man! We forgot to have Mom bring the car with her for her visit!"
Me: "Ahh man."
Him: "Call them today and have them ship it tomorrow!"
Me: (In a nutshell) "Don't you know the purpose of being a scout, and making things to fulfill a sense of purpose . . . blah blah blah"
Me again: "I'll make it with him myself if I have to - who cares if he's the slowest car on the track!"
Him: "Where's my keys?"
So all weekend they shaped, cut, sanded, shaped, sanded, cut, alligned, tested, painted, weighted, tested . . .
If you know my husband, then you know that he needed to get it right, and right it would be! Oh - and we bought "The Book" which was very helpful.

Win #1

Win #2

Win #3

Ok after a while, it just got to be a bit embarrassing! "Fastest Car In Pack" and "Fastest Car In Event" are the awards he got after finishing in first place for every race he was in! The very first race he came in second place, which we were happy with! Then, it all went "down hill" from there. Ha ha ha. Down hill.

I think we learned a little lesson on this one . . . and Dad got to make his own car too.