Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Looking in the mirror while hair is being curled: "I don't see my eyes are beautiful."
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Photo Shoot

Artificial. Fake. Not Real. Plastic. Pretend.

Dyed in the wool. True blue through and through.

Thank you little one.

Thank you big one.
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Daughter Number One

"I only curl your hair once a year. Just let me take a picture please!"

Notice the background.

Finally a smile. I was practicing Holly's natural light tips.

Why does it look like the older girl was crying? Because she was. Because she hated that I put her hair in front of her shoulder. Because she hates that feeling. But then her little sister cheered her up. Either that, or she felt guilty because her mom got mad because after all, she only curls her hair once a year.
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Our Deep Freeze - Mid December

Yay!!! It got to be ZERO degrees here one day, and I actually survived it! I never thought people actually lived in that weather. The kids were inside all week for recess because it was so so cold. On Friday, at the last recess, our principal came on the PA system and announced there would be outside recess. You could hear all of the classrooms cheer! My face actually hurt walking to school, and little crystals formed in my nose as I breathed in. But it was only for a week, and nothing I couldn't handle. Boy have I come a long way!

Oh, and don't forget about the soda cans in the back of the car in this weather.
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Early December

The most anticipated night of the Christmas season . . .

These are all of the ornaments my Aunt Janet has made and sent over the years. It bugs me that I am missing two. I have one that I just realized is not in the picture, but the other one broke. I look forward to seeing them each year as we decorate the tree.
These remind me of my sister Brandi, who used to make them with her grandmother. Brandi taught me how to make them one year and I love love love them!
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