Sunday, August 01, 2010

A New Record

Yesterday we went on a family Thrift Shopping expedition. While standing next to my son, he picked up a round black plastic-looking thing and asked, "What's this?" I told him it was a record. He said "For what - like longest jump or something?"
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

BBD 2010

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Fallen Leaf Lake

Lake Tahoe - actually, Fallen Leaf Lake

I said, "Anela," and she said, "Please call me PrincessArielMermaid."
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Sunday, April 04, 2010

World's Longest Post - for the World's Best 8-year-old Daughter!

We had a fantastic weekend about a month ago. Eden has been looking forward to this day for years. She was finally able to get baptized since she turned 8. You would think she'd feel a bit slighted since her brother was baptized in the ocean. In Hawaii. With all of his Hawaiian family there and with his gramma and grampa and uncle there too. But then you wouldn't know my Eden . . . The only thing she cared about was that her gramma (and grampa - but he couldn't come) was there to see her. When we kept putting the date off further and further for one reason or another, we decided to just do it. She heard us making plans with our Bishop over the phone. When I hung up, I looked at the top of the stairs and saw her bawling. "Does this mean they won't be here?" Heart. Breaking.

I made the call to my mom then. Now she was just up here not too long before that and was recovering from cancer, and took a ton of time off of work as it was. I knew it was a long shot. So in the meantime, I asked my sister who lives here in Boise, and who has a son Eden's age, who had also been putting off his baptism date for various reasons. If Mom could come up, we could have them both baptized together so she could see both of them. That's when my other sister talked about having her daughter, both Eden and Jack's age (and Eden's very close cousin) come up with Gramma. (If this were to happen, it would be a dream come true for all of us - especially Eden!) Hawaii was looking more and more anticlimatic) Well, about 8 years ago, Eden and Jack shared a similar experience. They were both blessed on the same day, in the same meeting as well. How perfect could it be?!

The cousins sang "I Know my Savior Loves Me" so beautifully.

Her Auntie was the hair dresser. She needed two French braids. Mommy doesn't do French Braids (under pressure).

I am so glad that Jack and Eden will always have this connection with each other. We're trying to plan for a double wedding as well.

Reminis. . . Umm, Remembering

Ummm . . . did we actually live here?

Don't worry Holly, nobody reads my blog. : )
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It's Him Again

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Same Guy

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Guess Who . . .

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lucky Sunday

Look what came walking by our house today . . .

The kids have always wanted to "ride" a horse.

Today they got to take a couple of steps with one. (Does that count as being able to cross that off the list?)
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Friday, January 29, 2010