Monday, July 11, 2011

My Niece

Please don't judge. She just got out of the tub/pool and her diaper swelled!

Do you know how much food this girl can put away? It was so entertaining for us to watch such a little one eat, and eat, and eat. If you ever have bananas in your house and need to make Eleni happy, show her them. But then don't try to cut it in half and offer her just half of it, because she will think you are crazy and start yelling at you in 2-year-old, pointing at the other half of the banana, and she won't stop until it is in her hands. Even if everyone is cracking up at the situation.

So this is when she was timid. Later that night, she was "ooohhhing and awwwing" at the loud fireworks. I'm so glad her mommy got to enjoy it because usually Aunt Kelley was the one consoling my two-year-olds at the loudness and scarieness of the night.

Yay Eleni! (Tyler, this is for you since you had to go home and take care of your fence-destroying dogs, bless their hearts.)
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